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Holiday Fun on a Budget

Have you been wanting to throw a holiday party but are afraid of the resulting hit on your wallet? With some money-saving tips, you can have a great and affordable party.

- Serve appetizers rather than main course dishes.

- Serve only beer and wine, rather than hard liquor. Alternately, you can also stick to one hard liquor drink, like eggnog or hot rum toddies.

- Save on decorating costs by using lots of strands of white Christmas lights. Instead of purchased cut flowers, use branches of green shrubbery from outside, nuts, pinecones, fresh fruit and potted plants to decorate. Arrange them on cake stands, in baskets or bowls, and finish your displays off with holiday ribbons.

- Instead of buying crushed ice, fill buckets with snow to chill wines, soft drinks, and beers.

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Heathrow Holidays Budget
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